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Business Overview:Design of Cutting Dies

CAD system essential for the design of high-precision cutting dies

In order to improve the productivity and quality in the design of our cutting dies, we have been using a CAD system since our early days.
By using CAD in our production drawings, drawings can be done effectively and copies can be made easily. Producing similar drawings is also easier, and simple mistakes in taking dimensions can be eliminated as the data is all in digital form.
By measuring the dimensions and areas during design, not only can we save time and effort in manual calculation, we can also draw the minute sections accurately as the design data can be output to a plotter.
Data in the production drawings created by our CAD system can be linked to a computer for design verification, structural analysis and mechanical analysis, and to numerical control (NC) molds and machines for processing.
By reviewing the designs in sufficient detail in the early stages, we can drastically reduce the number of defects in the finished products, and produce cutting dies of higher precision.

Hara Nukigata Inc.

Types of Cutting Dies

Hara Nukigata Inc.
, we employ the state-of-the-art systems and skilled technology to produce a wide range of cutting dies that meet the various needs of customers, such as Victorian and Pinnacle dies, etc.

Past Track Record
Introduction to the track record of

Hara Nukigata Inc.
in making cutting dies for various products, from precision machines such as electronic devices and cameras, to telecommunications equipment and electrical appliances from major manufacturers.

Business Overview
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