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Main Equipment

State-of-the-art equipment to meet a variety of needs

Hara Nukigata Inc.
uses the state-of-the-art equipment to maintain thorough quality control and efficiency so as to provide high-quality cutting dies and related products to our customers.
In line with the advancement of computers nowadays, equipment such as laser automatic edge bending machine, etc. has also evolved using CAD drawings data. Highly-precise dies, including Victorian and Pinnacle dies, that hitherto could not be made can be produced at short lead-times now to meet the product planning schedule of customers.

Laser processing machine

Boards that have been cut using optical lasers in accordance with the CAD drawings are processed. Machining using laser beams has the advantage of achieving a quality cutting that is not possible with mechanical machining such as those using blades and drills.
Besides being able to freely change the width of the cut using 3-axes control, the machining conditions can be added to the database using the CAM (computer aided manufacturing) component of the system to realize the most optimal machining.
The processing size is typically 1140×1240mm with a power output of 1kw.

・HT-3 Laser machines Suntecs 1412T

2-dimensional measuring instrument

Measuring microscope Mitutoyo MF-U Series

Automatic 2D measuring instrument

We have introduced a 2D automatic measuring instrument that is developed in-house and the MFU Series measuring microscope to measure the accuracy of our finishing so as to the control the quality of dies that we produce.
The MF-U Series is a measuring microscope equipped with an additional measuring function to observe metals microscopically. It has a long stroke capable of measuring a maximum of 400x200mm and taking high precision measurements less than (2.2+0.02L) μm in the X and Y axes for controlling the quality of the dies during the production process. In addition, the same series is equipped with functions such as dark field vision (observation of surface scratches and minutes differences in level which are hard to see in a bright field), quasi-polarized light (observation of color tone and contrast depending on the polarization characteristics through a polarizer analyzer), differential interference contrast (observation of minute differences in surface level through color contrast by using a polarization filter together with a differential interference prism) etc., which enable corrections of minute defects that cannot be seen by the naked eye.
2D automatic measuring instruments are mainly used to measure the blade tip in dies to check the finishing that is made by a Pinnacle die. As the measurement data can be directly imported into an Excel file, inspection reports can be produced accurately and speedily.

・Measuring microscope MF-U Series
・Automatic 2D measuring instrument


We use the commonly-used 2D CAD system PHOTRON ZUNO RAPID14 for greater efficiency in drawing, editing and printing drawings while also aiming to improve safety at the same time. As we can directly import and export CAD data in AUTOCAD format (DWG, DXF files after 2004 version) through the data interface, we can use drawings furnished by customers or make use of drawings produced previously. Moreover, as outputs in PDF format, scanned paper drawings and roster data such as TIFF or BMP files can be imported as drawing sketches, drawings can be sent and received smoothly, thereby substantially reducing the amount of time involved in tracing.


Spot Welding Machines

Blades are linked by spot welding. The blade seam is one of the most delicate sections in a cutting die. The seam is welded using a pen-type welding machine for both planar and curved surfaces, with the rigidity of the cutting die assured.
Moreover, as the welding is done after the blade is inserted, the essential cut-line is not damaged.

Prototype cutting press machine

This is a press machine for producing samples and prototype cuttings at the prototyping stage. Besides producing cutting dies, our company is also equipped with press achiness for making prototype cuttings. However, nominal charges may apply depending on the quantity required.

PC Cut Grinder

A PC cut grinder is a cutter for cutting the teeth of a cutting die. It is equipped with a vernier caliper with a digital display where the dimensions of the grindstone can be set accurately.
By fixing a stroke motor to it, forward and backward feeding can be done automatically at the throw of a switch. In addition, lead lines, sewing cuts and half-cuts can be made by using a grinding or cutting wheel. Furthermore, the depth and pitch width of the cut can be controlled using the fitted digital counter that displays the pitch and cut width, and the digital calendar that displays the cut depth.

Easy Bender (automatic edge bending machine)

An automatic edge bending machine can suppress the errors in a cutting die with multiple faces to a minimum since it can produce multiple blades of the same shape. In addition, the previous cut-lines can be faithfully reproduced when replacing the blades.
The Easy Bender Turbo used in our company is an automatic edge bending machine that is equipped with a Pentium computer and can bend a blade according to the data in the production drawing. With the upgraded Windows program, repetitive operations and time-consuming cutting and bending can be performed quickly and accurately.
It includes 3 types of bridge functions and cutting functions such as "Slate" and "Ride", and can fully complete all processes including the basic markings.
In addition, it uses a bending head structure and bending method, and employs a blade that can exploit the various functions required in the bending process, to produce shapes with precise bends according to design.

・HT-6 Automatic edge bending machine BBS-101
・HT-8 Automatic edge bending machine BBS-202

Hara Nukigata Inc.

Types of Cutting Dies

Hara Nukigata Inc.
, we employ the state-of-the-art systems and skilled technology to produce a wide range of dies that meet the various needs of customers, such as Victorian and Pinnacle dies etc.

Past Track Record
Introduction to the track record of

Hara Nukigata Inc.
in making cutting dies for various products, from precision machines such as electronic devices and cameras, to telecommunications equipment and electrical appliances from major manufacturers.

Main Equipment
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