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Most of the parts made using the industrial cutting dies that we specialize in are used as key parts close to the heart of the precision machine. As a high level of precision and functionality is required, what is necessary is not production speed but also advanced technical strengths.

In addition, we must also satisfy requests from customers who create most of their new products through trial and error. When they cannot obtain the effect according to the design in the process, they come up with lots of ideas that are not limited by only what they can think of. Moreover, most of these ideas have never been tried out by anyone before. As a result, many days are spent exchanging views with the customers and making prototypes through trial and error using sample cutters and then matching them with the parts on-site.

Our company takes pride in being able to read blueprints on the spot and design highly precise dies for any parts required by customers. This is possible because of the skilled know-how that has been developed through long years of experience and trial and error. We demand not only accuracy but also creativity in our production site.

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Hara Nukigata Inc.

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Hara Nukigata Inc.
in the 30 years since its founding, and access to the our head office.

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Hara Nukigata Inc.
, we aim to improve the productivity and quality in the design of our cutting dies in order to meet the needs of our customers while improving our technologies for pinnacle, engraving and other molds.

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