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The manufacturing industry of today has entered into an era of small-lot production of a great variety of products. To meet the demands of the times, advanced technical strengths and adaptability are called for. Cutting dies differ depending on the products and most cannot be commonly used for other products. For example, the evolution of electrical products differs between large and downsized products. Large products require many different types of parts while downsized products require greater precision.

Our company has supported the innovation of our customers in the 30 years since our founding by working hand-in-hand with them to provide them with high quality cutting dies. There were times when we had to really work hard to reach precision of several μm. Moreover, it was a continuous challenge for us as the cutting dies required for the new products were not easy to produce. Nonetheless, we will continue to work together with our customers to support their innovation in future.

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Hara Nukigata Inc.

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Hara Nukigata Inc.
in the 30 years since its founding, and access to the our head office.

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Hara Nukigata Inc.
, we aim to improve the productivity and quality in the design of our cutting dies in order to meet the needs of our customers while improving our technologies for pinnacle, engraving and other molds.

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